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Due to the pandemic this course will be held entirely online via iLearn and Zoom. If you do not have an account in iLearn already, please register here.


The lecture gives an introduction to integer optimization. We discuss basic structures like lattices, main theorems, and algorithmic methods to solve integer linear programs. See also MDB infIO-01a.

Weekly schedule

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday
10 am       office hour (Max)
12 am     class  
2 pm lecture / submission / new assigment series      
6 pm   sample solutions    


Click here to find the Zoom details for all our meetings or join directly.

Lecture notes (PDF)

Date Notes
November 2, 2 pm Lecture 1
November 9, 2 pm Lecture 2
November 16, 2 pm Lecture 3
November 23, 2 pm Lecture 4
November 30, 2 pm Lecture 5
Dezember 7, 2 pm Lecture 6
Dezember 14, 2 pm Lecture 7
January 4, 2 pm Lecture 8
January 11, 2 pm Lecture 9
January 18, 2 pm Lecture 10
January 25, 2 pm Lecture 11
February 1, 2 pm Lecture 12
February 8, 2 pm Lecture 13

Practical task

Find the information on your practical task here.


The weekly assignments are to be submitted in iLearn as so called small groups of two students (please join into these small groups in iLearn by yourself). The expected submission format is kramdown which is a flavour of Markdown supported by iLearn. As an editor we suggest Typora. All submissions will be checked for plagiarism and each positive case will be graded by zero points.

Series Deadline
Series 1 passed
Series 2 passed
Series 3 passed
Series 4 passed
Series 5 passed
Series 6 passed
Series 7 passed
Series 8 passed
Series 9 passed
Series 10 passed
Series 11 passed
Series 12 passed


The exercises and the practical research task are rated at 50% each. If the grade of the practical research assignment is better than the grade of the exercises, the grade of the practical research assignment will be taken as the overall grade.

Successful completion of the exercises: At least 40% of the total score must be achieved. The evaluation for this part is based on the score achieved in relation to 80% of the total score.

Successful implementation of a practical research task: This task is divided into two parts. Each of the two parts contributes half to the evaluation of the research task:

(a) Implementation, experimentation and written text (approx. 8-10 pages) about a new algorithmic idea for an optimization problem.

(b) Presentation on the new algorithmic idea, implementation and experimentation; duration approx. 30 minutes.

Both parts of the research task have to be successfully completed to have it rated as “successfully passed”.


For urgent questions feel free to write a message to Max Deppert.