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Welcome to Distributed Systems 2018!


  • (October 23) No Exercise session on Thursday afternoon this week, only lectures on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • (October 23) PreLab and slides from the first lecture are avaible, see below
  • (October 22) The course will start October 23th (Tuesday), please see Univis for the detailed schedule and rooms.
  • (October 22) Course website for 2017 is online.


Why should I take this class? What will I learn? In a nutshell, we will introduce and discuss the underlying concepts and mechanisms that drive today’s distributed systems such as the Internet, data centers, etc. My lectures provide you with the required knowledge, and the labs give you a hands-on experience in developing distributed systems and exploring their real-world challenges.


  • Lecture slides - linked from the course schedule below
  • Lab assignments - see tab sheets (“Blätter) below

If possible, please bring an Internet-capable device with you, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. We will use it for some interactive teaching. If you bring a smartphone or tablet, I would also suggest installing a QR-code reader app.


Your feedback is very important to us! As usual, we will use your feedback from the anonymous course evaluation to further improve the course. Additionally, your direct feedback is very welcome: please feel very invited to discuss the course and any suggestions you have with us personally.

Course Book

Marten van Steen and Andrew S. Tanenbaum, “Distributed Systems”, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, ISBN-10: 1543057381, ISBN-13: 978-1543057386, Third edition (!). There might be different ISBN numbers for hard and soft cover etc. Digital copy: On the site of the authors, a digital copy is available (upon request) for free (note that we are using the third edition).

Course Schedule and Lecture Notes / Slides

We moved the prelimary course schedule and the lecture notes to the exercise “Course Schedule and Lecture Notes”. This allows me to only maintain one file and not two files (on for the German and one for the English course page).


You find all contact information here.


Congrulations to the winners of the best project awards

  • 1st. Distributed blackboard system with GraphQL: Saif Imran
  • 2nd. Quentin Terhoeven & Leonard Witte
  • 3rd. Mission Indestructible: Philip Eumann & Leonie Krull
  • 3rd. Active Replication with a Sequencer: Patrick Kellermann & Niko Amann

Best Project Awards